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A circus chapiteau has arrived to our town. Everything once happens for the first time, including the first performance. I visited for the first time a circus tent, and someone made her first visit to circus in general, including the first spectacle.
Being too tired and full of huge new impressions we left the tent after the first part of the performance. The strongest impressions of the program were: a doll and popcorn of a girl sitting next to us, and guard dog leashed to one of the service vans. The dog received a kiss and several pieces of popcorn, which was rejected with a deep sigh: "I'm already so tired of that meal! That's enough for today!"
About the performance itself I will write later in more detail, but now I'd prefer to talk a little more about the local dogs. The day before yesterday during our regular walk we found one more yard with three very little dogs (even cats usually are bigger than these "guard" animals :). One of these three was as a real miracle of nature: it looked as a Dalmatian at its color, but the size was like a good rat... No, it wasn't a puppy, judging by the graying hairs on its face. We talked to all three of them over the fence. Now small dogs can't serves as great teaching picture in the style "how a dog does", but we still can test and bring to the practice "counting and barking book".
"Our" neighbor zennenhund is more sad than usual and even doesn't want to bark at passers-by. Maybe he has spring depression.

* * *
It's always nice to talk about kittens :)
One of "our local" cat often sleeps on his couch by the window. I tried to photo it by my cell-phone through a window, and as a result I have got a silent cat's ghost at the window glass.

The other cat's bench located on the balcony of the second floor, and there is a special ladder below to the window of the first (floor). Either the weather is not good enough or there are some private circumstances, but the cat does not work lately. Well, the special ladder I have photographed.

Another cat - the great pride of their owners - is so great and very great tailed.
"Damn, with their damn diet I can't jump over the fence not jump, can't escape in the case and even can't to hide myself under this damn car!"
"Well, you can take some pictures of my tell, if you are so interested in..."

* * *
Now let's change several words about some little ones.
Our ants are well and run quickly, while spiders are very lazy. They do make their nets, but with ants they live together in a great friendship and divide their hunt area like good brothers (or sisters).
A snail decided to use our car to travel faster, but it caught and brought to the nearest bush.

* * *
... and about a heron.
One beautiful heron was seen in a little river nearby. While I was looking for my cellphone, Andrey noticed the bird too. The poor bird couldn't share Andrey's enthusiasm and escaped as quickly as the cat of our landlady from some glad by the meeting child :) So I had to hide my cell phone without firing any "shot".
By the way, I haven't still heard any frog yet, and the only time when I had an opportunity to taste them was once upon a time before the Christmas. Maybe everything was eaten before us?

* * *
Some people believe that there is no more terrible beast than a cat, when Andrey is convinced that the most dangerous creature on the surrounding roads is a local mad cyclist. Do not think that car drivers or bikers riders are much better, but they follow the rules from time to time at least.
I had already written that I have never seen so huge amount of prestigious and very expensive cars as here in Geneva.
Now imagine that you drive on a high-speed road without any left turns, of course, when you suddenly see on your left a bright red shiny car approaching stubborn and tough:
- Well, there are no left turns here - that's right! But does it mean that I need to go somewhere to turn and to spend my time and money?! I don't have any free oats gas for the car, did you think about that?!

Yes, I have forgotten to mention about the new wonder of the 21st century called "electro-bike." And they always rush as mad dogs! Andrey asked whether they are sure that they can drive on the bike paths. I had to remind him that in the city, where motorcyclists go on bike paths and electro-bikes run on the sidewalks, I would not be surprised to anything.

And I pretty fast got that I had hurried up: one cyclist almost hit me down.
There is no any pavements on our "wide" streets, but only the corresponding markings, where I was standing, interested in a new garden of one of our neighbors. Well, I was looking at a new garden, but where was the cyclist looking at?
In general, if you'd like to come to Geneva, get ready for a meeting with cyclists everywhere: on the roads and on the sidewalks! And remember, that they all really believe that you are who needs watch them, and their paths are as holy as shepards' trails hundreds years ago. In the case you don't see any bike paths know, the local cyclists can always establish a temporary path everywhere.
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