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Geneva greeted us with cigarette smoke, with spiders and with (you would not believe) with an elevator. This time we even found one at the terminal, where we were taken after our plane had landed. Of, course, there was no any jet bridge, perhaps they are under the total "green" ban as air conditioners, not to harm the local fauna. "Man" doesn't belong to the concept of "fauna", if you thought something else by mistake.

During our absence, the city was decorated with new ads. They propose to use new harmless gas, the little green basket and they even ask to give up smoking! Near an advertising poster offering to get rid of tobacco dependence (at first, it's cute, and you can do it too) one relaxed monsieur smoked something with big pleasure. Maybe he does not read French. Meanwhile, the streets have been digged completely. I don't know what they are looking for: treasures and new "green" gas friendly to geese, cows, and spiders. The lasts picked up the relay-race from their friends-ants, and we were greeted with joy by the entrance.
Swating a big spider (during a sleepless night from jet lag night), I left it on the sole of my slipper to give Andrey an opportunity to convince personally what size our spiders had got during our vacation. Andrey was impressed and frankly admitted that such spiders he didn't expect to meet at out place. The second spider died by the death of Ophelia, then the third was represented to Andrey in its original appearance. Again, Andrey was very impressed with the size and spider's exterior, as well as with its abilities to run fast. With our "greens" local spiders can (sans doute) expect life in pink color.
So, spiders are happy, nut not the local drivers aren't, together with cyclist and motorcyclists. The last even easily beat many of car drivers in the competition of violations of the rules. Some pedestrians are also sane as a March hare: who cares about red light or green one? He walked, walks and will continue in his way!
There is music in the ears, his hands are busy too, he dances happily, while in our car the box with beautiful and tastiest cakes fell from the back seat and rolled over!

Walking through Aspen and taking pictures of all sorts of cute things, I have made one photo of a car with number plates of Hawaii State (I wonder how it got to Aspen? :). Here, such a miracle is not possible, but I couldn't pass by this car. He is very cute, isn't it?!



Finally, during a musical lesson the teacher sang "Tum-Balalaika". She didn't mention all the words, just these two were repeated, but anyway, it was very nice.
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